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About Me

Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, I began painting at a young age. With an innate ability that was encouraged by an equally artistic mother, it wasn’t until 20 years ago that I began to paint and dedicate myself to developing as an artist.  Finding inspiration in my bi-cultural background, a mixture of British and Spanish parents, it is this rich, contrasting and diverse merging of cultures and life experiences that fuel my creative process. Living in the South has in itself added a further source of inspiration. My depictions are vivid, colorful and at times intricate compositions; decorative and playful metaphors that are centered around the inner exploration of emotions, desires, basic human needs and the urban stages in which such themes typically occur in.

“It does not matter if someone completely understands what lies behind one of my images, that is not always possible, what I am most interested in, is how they react towards it. By providing a tangible reflection of the ideas and emotions I have, I hope to share them for a brief moment with the observer, realizing that simultaneously they are creating their own set of impressions… that is truly the amazing thing about this artistic endeavor…we can all look at the same thing, yet see & capture something completely different that only applies to us. That selfish moment that prompts us to linger, think and react is what I am fascinated with...”

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